Shrine of the Holy Cross, 1947

612 Main Street

The Reverend Vincent W. Warren, a Josephite Catholic priest, established this mission to serve the needs of the African-Americans in Baldwin County.  Through his example, Father Warren inspired hundreds of Caucasian parochial teenage girls to teach catechism to African American children.  Apparently, while focusing on catechism, children of both races learned tolerance.  Many people credit Father Warren with the smooth transition from Segregation to Integration here in the Deep South 20 years later, by which time these children had become parents.  This white stucco and orange tile church was built in 1947 around a World War II Quonset hut (now removed).  The statue of Saint Michael in the bell tower commemorates the saintly life and work of a dear friend of this mission, Father Michael Drennan, C.M.  Since 1990, Jesuits have administered this parish.